Scanning Window
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This window shows a detailed scan progress:

   - Graphic presentation of results (Right-click on graphics for other options).
   - Results, with details of number of files/folders found, ignored, discards, sizes, etc.
   - Filters Applied, a description of applied filters/exclusions (if any).
   - Background mode to set Comparator Fast works in background, click Foreground to set back to normal.
    (running in background will use less CPU but takes more time to complete a scan).

You may cancel the scan at any time using the Cancel button (or Esc key on your keyboard).

Use the buttons to switch to other presentation (Graphics, Results, Filters), or use the function keys (on your keyboard):

Graphics Screen

Results Screen

Filters Screen

Next Screen. Hold Shift key to go to prior screen. If you're using a "wheel mouse", can use the wheel too and click the wheel button on an empty space of Scanning Window to maximize Scanning window.

Update information on current screen.

The results are shown / updated just after each subfolder is processed, or when you see a screen for the first time. If you want to get updated results (refresh), hit F5.