Log Window
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It'll hold all information about process:


There are:
   - Text box with process description
   - Time running on Phase 1: log status fase1
   - Time running on Phase 2: log status fase2
   - Folders found: log status folders
   - Files found: log status files
   - Files discarded: log status files discarded (example: files doesn't match a specified file spec).

Other Optionslist log popup menu

To get other options, right-click on any part of the Log's window, and a pop up menu will appears.

You can choose to:

* Save log to file
: you may save the log file in RTF (Rich text format) to preserve colors, or just as TXT (simple text file).

* Clear all log entries
: this option will clear all entries on the log. You'll be asked to confirm this request.

* Select all
: this option will select all entries on the log.

* Clear selection
: this command will clear only the selected portion of the log's content. You may select text as with any word processor.