Getting Support
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Before sending any request support, please look for F.A.Qs. (Frequently Asked Questions) about your product at our Website:

If you still need to contact us for support, please send a detailed email and describe the problem, including this information:

   - Your user name and serial number for your product (required)
   - Operating System on your computer and version. If any updates/service packs are installed, please detail
   - Your computer's brand, model, and configuration:
      * CPU processor and speed (example: Athlon XP+ 2GHz)
      * Memory installed and type (if you know it)
      * Hard drive capacity and free space
      * Network support, type of network, please detail.

Please send any support request to: Comparator Fast Support

Any email received with different subject or destination, or from invalid email address will be considered spam and will be automatically deleted.

Any email, received from a non-registered email address, requesting for a "lost serial number" will not be processed.