Delete Empty Folders: ignore files

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Here you define the files that will be ignored when Comparator Fast looks if a folder is empty. This is only used when Delete Empty Folders is enabled.


The default files to ignore are 3 (separated by semicolon):


 Thumbs.db; desktop.ini; Comparator Fast Hashes.ini



Windows thumbs database. It is created by Windows to show faster thumbs of images.  This file can be ignored.



Windows file to define settings for a folder. If folder only have this file (or any other  ignored file), then this file is not longer needed.


Comparator Fast Hashes.ini

This file is used by Comparator Fast for Windows to save hashes of larger files to save time when comparing. If folder only have this or any other ignored file, the hashes database is not longer necessary.



If Delete Empty Foldersis enabled, a folder will be considered empty by Comparator Fast if that folder is empty or if only have any specified ignored files as contents.


You may specified wildcards.




*.tmp as a file to be ignored, if Comparator Fast *,tmp will be ignored. This means, you may have thousands of files with .tmp extension on a folder, but all will be ignored and folder is considered empty. If any other file is found (not defined as ignored), folder is not removed automatically.


See also: Delete empty folders.