Are you sure you want to delete selected files?
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You selected more than one file to delete. You need to confirm before proceed.

Click Yes button to delete, No to cancel process.

lightsmallComparator Fast uses Windows Recycle Bin to delete files. If you don't want to use Recycle Bin, hold the Shift key while you click the Yes button to disable use of Recycle Bin (more faster deletions if not using Recycle Bin). Use with caution. Ensure you'll not need to recover deleted files.

lightsmall Deleting files in faster mode (not using Recycle Bin), is not able to delete protected files (files with Read Only attributes). If you want to use deleting files in faster mode on protected files, you need to remove Read Only attribute first, or use the normal method: Delete to Recycle Bin. If the method allows use of forced mode, you need to use the "Force" deletion of Read Only files using proper keys combinations (usually Ctrl+Shift keys).

See Also: Deleting Files.